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Tech/Driver/Tweak/News/Reviews super thread!

Postby spud » Sat Jan 06, 2007 10:52 am

Thought it was about time I resurrected the old thread. I went through and checked all the links, removed any dead links, and updated those that had changed - every link here works as of 06/01/07. As per last time, leave other links in new posts and I will add them to this initial post to create a super sexual tech link resource thread!

Also, I won't yellow the thread since I know it shits some of you weak cunts! :P


General Technology Sites:

Anandtech - great tech site with latest news and hardware reviews, as well as informative articles.
Anandtech GPU articles - kept up to date
Anandtech CPU articles - kept up to date

Tom's Hardware Guide - one of the oldest tech review/news/articles sites on the web. Like Anandtech they conduct comparisons between brands as well as models of hardware, very informative. This is the first place to go when you need to decide which mobo/vid card/etc you should be looking for.

Sudhian - another great site for news reviews opinions and articles

Tweak3D - reviews and news

The Tech Zone - reviews news and tech articles

Shary Extreme - reviews news articles and guides. Great site this one

Driver Heaven - news reviews articles guides, some excellent utilities and a top notch helpful forum. Great site!

Dans Data - reviews guides articles and opinions. This is the guy who does the I/O column for Atomic magazine, and answers letters from readers ona regular basis. Some great info in this site, one of the best on the web

The Register - one of the most respected tech sites on the web

The Inquirer - run by former Register people this site has "news, reviews, facts and friction". I've read many mixed feelings about this site around the place, but it gets people talking at least! Thanks Voodoo

OverclockersAU - news and articles and a popular and helpful forum

Guru3D - hardware and games reviews, news articles and guides and an extensive collection of drivers and useful utilities. Great site

Tech ARP - some very informative articles including an extensive look at page files, and the famous Rojakpot BIOS guide

Firing Squad - news and reviews aimed at the hardcore gamer. All reviews are conducted with an eye towards in game performance and features many product comparisons and their performance in the latest games. One of my favourite sites

HardOCP - news reviews articles, thanks Guru

ExtremeTech - news reviews articles and guides, thanks Kamikazee

Neowin - Good daily tech/comp news site. Plus they have an alternate gaming news page for those of you more interested in gaming! (Can't believe I missed this one, thanks Husky Bandit)

ipkonfig - news, reviews and articles for hardware and software related topics - thanks Dktagh

TweakNews - news and reviews (and A LOT of ads), plus forum - thanks Kami and Guru

3Dxtreme - news reviews and articles - thanks kami and Guru

AMD MB - news reviews articles guides FAQs with an eye toward (but not restricted to) AMD processors and motherboards. Great site - thanks kami and Guru

Hot Hardware - news reviews and model and brand comparisons - thanks Guru

PCstats - big site with news reviews articles and hardware guides - thanks Kami

PCMech - news tips guides and articles concerning hardware and software - thanks Kami

PCWorld - website of the magazine. A great resource for news reviews and helpful articles/guides, as well as a Q/A section. You can find answers to many problems here - thanks Kami


nVidia Home Page

nVidia official forums - Surprisingly good resource

Guru3D* - large catalog of nVidia drivers from Detonators to ForceWare

ATI Home Page

ATI old driver page - old ATI drivers (WinXP only)

Guru3D * - large catalog of ATI Drivers from ancient past to present

Omega Drivers - tweaked Catalyst and ForceWare drivers.

3DChipset - current news about 3D cards, with large database of both ATI and nVidia drivers - thanks kami and Guru

VIA Hardware - Via chipset drivers

VIA Arena - news and reviews site but also up-to-date 4-in-1/hyperion drivers and a good forum for via chipsets

Guru3D * - large catalog of VIA 4-in-1 and Hyperion chipset drivers

Guru3D * - large catalog of nVidia nForce chipset drivers

Intel - Intel homepage for drivers for all their hardware

Guru3D * - large collection of Intel chipset drivers

* - all Guru3D links straight to relevent download page


Black Viper - extensive guide to WinXP services, best on the net! Black Viper went down ages ago, but this seems to be a pretty good substitute. It is based off the old Black Viper page. It is easy to find others with a little google + Black Viper.

Kellys Korner - extensive trouble-shooting guide for WinXP

TweakTown - fantastic site for articles detailing tweaks for WinXP, other windows, video drivers, etc. Includes news and reviews. Great site, be sure to check this one out

TweakXP - WinXP tweak site

Axcel216's Windows site - huge site full of tweaks and tricks for all versions of windows - thanks to Mr*B for orginially bringing this site to my attention. The site is ugly as sin lol

Winguides - great site full of various guides for many aspects of windows such as registry and drivers, with many links to manufacturers websites as well. Highly recommended

Labmice Techtarget - great site with glorious amounts of info concerning windows 2000, XP and .NET - Thanks Husky Bandit

Annoyances - large collection of tweaks, tips, guides and articles for all windows platforms. Helpful forums as well - thanks Dktagh

Windows 5 Support Center - huge resource for all things windows (all versions), far too much to list here. Fantastic site, thanks Baldrick

I am not a Geek - Windows related news, guides and articles (WinXP) - thanks Guru

Active Win - a big site with news reviews articles FAQ's tips and guides for Windows (all verions) and related topics - thanks Kami

WinSuperSite - site full of reviews of Windows products/platforms and future releases. Not a troubleshooting site, just reviews - thanks Kami

TweakHound - great site for tweaking windows within an inch of its life - thanks Guru

Networks and Internet:

Whirlpool - the grand-daddy of Australian internet sites, with a great FORUM

Oz Cable Guy - configuration and tweaking for broadband services, and tips on connecting your network to the internet, ICS, routers, modems and more!

Practically Networked - news, reviews, guides, articles and tips on setting up and maintaining a network, and using the internet as well. Great forums.

Speedguide - news reviews and articles aimed at broadband technologies, but also including other technology resources

World of Windows Networking - huge site with an overload of information regarding networking with Windows platforms. Fantastic resource! - thanks Kami

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Postby disgracian » Sat Jan 06, 2007 12:34 pm

I'm not normally gay, but for spud I'm willing to make an exception.

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Postby GURU » Sat Jan 06, 2007 2:11 pm

good job ther spudly !

i have recently found a new site for your list which do some very good shit - VR-ZONE ! they are mint!

they do lots of overclocking and volt mods and reveiw latest tech stuff etc etc!

they also have good forums as well! :)
long live the P U T E Y ! :)

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Postby Kamikazee » Sat Jan 06, 2007 6:17 pm

disgracian wrote:I'm not normally gay, but for spud I'm willing to make an exception.

Dis, these days thats not called being gay. Its being open-for-spud ;)
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