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Postby GURU » Tue May 12, 2020 9:06 pm

RYZEN 3000 sseries are pretty sweet ! they are very close to intel in gaming now and smash them in anything multithreaded!

3600 for $300 is the pick of the bunch for value and still great performance! as for overclocking werll i personaly wouldnt bother! ther isnt much headroom to play with ! probly better to fine tune the ram ! it loves fassst ram ! they say the sweet spot is around 1766mhz ! 3600mhz are quite abundent and prices are down too!

for a beast but not redicousaly expensive the 3700X is sweet as ! 8 core 16 thread for $529

later this year the Zen 3 RYZEN 4000 series will be released with better ipc and hopefully a littel more clock speed too?

intel are about to release the new 10 series cpus. the top opf the tree is the core i9 10900k 10 core 20 thread] which by all accounts is supposed to be very fast but you will need a Beast of a water cooler to keep it under meltdown! they RUN VERY HOT !

Nvidia are also suposed to bne releasing thisrer new vid card probly called the 3000 series withthe RTX3080 Tio the flagship! too scared to ask how muxch but in Oz $$$ ti will probly be at least $2500 going by ther current prices. OUCH !

good times are ahead ! yeah !
long live the P U T E Y ! :)

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