4sg Summer Warmup Duel comp

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4sg Summer Warmup Duel comp

Postby mickzerofive » Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:10 pm

Hi all,

As we have been really quiet lately Zlr, clc and I have decided to give everybody a tiny sample of what we have been working on. As such we will be running a small competition starting with a $500 prize pool on our new website, donations welcome to increase the pot. Please try to keep an open mind when using the page, that this was strictly put together so we could run a sample tournament, it will not be the final product. Everything is still a WIP but all feedback is welcome through the appropriate source - private message or e-mail myself through these message boards (please don't fill this thread with website specific comments).

We can use help with the qualifier tournaments, streaming, casting if people wish to put their hand up to help run the days private message myself and i'll get you added to the page. There will be 10 invited players, 4 open qualifiers and 1 private qualifier. More below

Click here to be taken to the tournament page
This competition is to open the year for Quake Live and 4Seasons Gaming. Testing out our new website we will be running a medium sized competition with a starting $500 prize pool split among the top 8 players. Good luck and enjoy!

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